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  1. The minimum age to join any course at The Digital Coaching Guy is 16 years. There is no maximum age.
  2. A student’s registration and enrolment for courses are a binding agreement to finish the course and to pay the full fees. The application form must be signed to show the student’s agreement to follow Digital Coaching Guy terms and conditions.

Fees & Payment:

  1. Paypal 
  2. By bank transfer directly to our account. Please note that all bank charges must be paid at the source, otherwise the student will be charged on arrival.
  3. By Visa or MasterCard, There is a supplementary charge of 1.2% for all payments by credit card. 
  4. By debit cards. There is a supplementary charge of 1% for all payments by debit card.

Refund Policy:

  1. Refund request will not be grated after 14 days of the payemnt of the course fees. 
  2. Full fee will be refunded in case student withdraws admission before the start of classes.
  3. Along with fees refund application, student has to submit the original Fee Receipt.

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